Spencer Database List of Supported Object Types

dvCollection.ObjectType: { Asian paintings, Decorative Arts, Decorative arts, General, Textile, agricultural equipment, animal procurement equipment, animal work equipment, architectural elements, armor, artists' books, books, calligraphy, clocks and watches, coins/currency, containers, costume, costume accessories, coverings, culinary containers, culinary equipment, cut-paper work, cutlery and flatware, digital art, drawings, firearms, footwear, furniture and furnishings, general, hair ornaments, hardware, inro and netsuke, installations, jewelry, lighting devices, masks, measuring devices, medals, mosaics, musical instruments, paintings, periodicals, photographs, plaques, plaquettes, portfolio boxes, printmaking equipment, prints, raw material, recreational artifacts, rubbings, rugs, sculpture, seals, smoking and tobacco equipment, stencils, textile fragments, tools, undefined, video art, watercolors and gouaches, watercraft and equipment, weapons }